I would like to make an application

$300 $5,000

Fees that may apply

Dishonour fee
Charged each time a direct debit or other payment is not made in full and on time daily until balanced. This fee includes our reasonable internal administrative costs and external third-party costs.


Loan fees & charges

Establishment Fee
One-off payable per loan.

20% of principal

Monthly Loan Fee
Charged per month or part thereof, where there is an outstanding debt balance.

Reschedule Fee
Charged when a reschedule is requested.

4% of principal per month


My Pay Stat is a Capital & Centric Funding Loan Product that is powered by your Australian Responsible Credit Provider. We specialise in small to medium loans ranging from $300 to $5,000.

With a combined legal, financial and tech backgrounds, the founders of Capital & Centric Funding envision a solution to streamline and automate the lending process. We aim to be pioneers in the financial services sector and strive for excellence and ease.

Our mission is to give you access to a financial solution that is transparent and reliable. Making an application is easier than you think with your Australian Responsible Credit Provider.

If the principal amount you borrowed is between $300 and $2,000.

When you make a scheduled payment on time, you’ll be charged the loan establishment fee and the monthly loan fee. Dishonour and default fees will apply if you miss any repayments.

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